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Album Couleurs (Colors), a fairy world.
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Made by a French multimedia artist, with meaningful words and through different eras.
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I am The Phantom (Le Fantôme), a messenger from France 🇫🇷 and the Afterworld 👻. Self-produced, I’ve passionately created this universe.

In the first album, The Poets (Les Poètes), Le Fantôme brings poets back from the dead. They have something to tell you…

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Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas Blue Dream

Sleep and Death, Saint Seiya Cover

Being a phantom implies a privileged relationship with sleep and death, the “Twin Disasters”. According to Greek mythology, Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death) were twin

Timekeeper Phantom Dark Steampunk

Le Temps (Time), An Epic Poem Video

I met Gérard’s phantom right before recording the video. Profound darkness, gothic style, I was shocked by his attitude, hat on the head, heavy clockwork

The Phantom Gold Mask Afterlife Goth Steampunk

A French Messenger From The Afterlife

Above seeking a sense of accomplishment during the creating processes, I aim to revive French writers and offer meaningful art with Le Fantôme (The Phantom)



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