Baudelaire Poesie Homme et la Mer

Baudelaire’s Phantom, The Original

One of the most thrilling poets of the 19th century, Charles Baudelaire was a fun phantom to be around, relevant to listen to in our society today. Although he’s still looking for alcohol and has melancholic thoughts, as I. Just kidding… Or not.😅 Baudelaire was deeply repelled by commercialism and stated that man is “naturally …

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Timekeeper Phantom Dark Steampunk

Le Temps (Time), An Epic Poem Video

I met Gérard’s phantom right before recording the video. Profound darkness, gothic style, I was shocked by his attitude, hat on the head, heavy clockwork sound. Was he Nerval or Kronos the timekeeper? He told me how poverty-stricken and disoriented he was before committing suicide. He hung himself from the bar of a cellar window …

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