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A French Messenger From The Afterlife

Above seeking a sense of accomplishment during the creating processes, I aim to revive French writers and offer meaningful art with Le Fantôme (The Phantom) project.

Bringing old memories, French literature, and composing about some past experiences, can give you, ultimately, some refreshing thoughts and help you to appreciate our era, to find a well-balanced lifestyle. Perhaps, to be a happy Goth!

Being from France and the hereafter, is it doable?

Transcending, understanding, and accepting the phantoms in my life require flawless energy control.

Feeling connected to the phantoms also comes from solitude and depersonalization at some moment. Like those wandering souls looking for a body, I choose the spirit and accept to be the host for a moment.

The Afterworld, a fantasy world

The Afterworld
The Afterworld, a drawing I made with watercolor in my childhood.

Sketched in contemporary artwork, it’s a place that living carcasses can’t fetch. The beyond is a place full of contrasts, both dark, and light.
A world where darkness cohabits with bright colors.

Memories are frightening and welcoming, cruel and tender.

Some fairy tales described a place beyond the grave, where souls express themselves.

With solid imagery on sci-fi and fantasy, artists are probably the best messengers for ghosts to communicate with. When imagination gets unleashed, we travel and forget everything we know and fear.

The Host, I am a Goth

Ghost! God! Goth! 😅 Composing a project like this without mentioning the gothic world would have been terrible negligence.

Speaking of Goth, there are many references:

  • Around 1440 to designate the medieval time.
  • The Goths, Germanic people, barbarian warriors of the forest.
  • The Gothicism or Gothism in Sweden.
  • Gothic architecture was born in France, etc.

Let’s talk about Goths today. What is Goth?

Put simply, a Goth is someone who finds beauty in things others consider dark. They love all that is dark and mysterious. That doesn’t mean Goths are evil, it just means they have a different perspective to many. And it also doesn’t mean Goths are unkind, violent or lacking in humour, in fact quite the opposite is true.

France, a land of belittled Goths

Surrounded by other civilizations, France has always been a coveted land, intersecting souls, which led to many conflicts. The French are divided.

These circumstances and experiences have made France a country where education has been considered essential. “Each generation of children is a barbaric civilization that adults must educate.”

“Chaque génération d’enfants est une civilisation barbare que les adultes doivent civiliser”. Hannah Arendt

By following an education that values history, tinged with sad realities. Some people want to explore, understand, recognize then finally appreciate the gothic art, helping to acknowledge the human condition without veiling the face.

Just a happy Goth

Strengthened by the failed experiments of Charles Baudelaire, I develop in this article, and some other writers like Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Bukowski, or Mark Manson more recently. You have all the keys to being a happy Goth.

Nowadays, Frenchies are not into goth stuff anymore, the Doxa censored and mocked this subculture. But, are the French happier than during the 80s and 90s when the goth, darkwave and rock music were golden?  “France is a paradise inhabited by people who believe they’re in hell.”

“La France est un paradis peuplé de gens qui se croient en enfer”
Sylvain Tesson, French writer (1972-).

I believe we should not be afraid to welcome ghosts, and death, appreciate melancholy and assume our tastes and pride for dark and refined art.

And you, are you a happy Goth? Do you chat with phantoms? 👻😅